Chapter 2 of Marriage and Daggers, a Lombard Ten Thrones Run

With the passing of the old Duke Arechis II, I inherit into his eldest son Romoald “the festive” who is now the new Duke of Benevento. See Chapter 1 of Marriage and Daggers for the murderous career of Duke Arechis II. Duke Romoald of Benevento To recap I am, as Romoald, the next in line […]

Chapter 1 of Marriage and Daggers, A Lombard Ten Thrones Run – ck2

Following the misfortunate run at the Ten Thrones Steam Achievement as Ragnar Lothbrokfor Crusader Kings 2 I am having another go at bagging the achievement. This time I will try using the “Marriage and Daggers” strategy mentioned in the preamble. I am looking at being a Catholic this time and also probably a Lombard to […]

Chapter 2 – Ragnar Lothbrok – Ten Thrones

Welcome to Chapter 2 of my Ten Thrones Achievement Run, the reign of Ragnar Lothbrok! You can read the preamble here. And you can read the first chapter, Sigurdr Hring, here. To recap I have inherited into Ragnar the only son of Sigurdr Hring in the middle of a big war for the subjugation of […]

Chapter 1 – Sigurd Hring – Ten Thrones

Welcome to the first chapter of my Ten Thrones Achievement Run for Crusader Kings 2! If you have not already done so check out the preamble to this run for an overview of the strategy we will employ here. Sigurdr Hring – Opening Moves – 769AD Hail Sigurdr Hring Petty King of Sweden! So this […]

Ten Thrones Achievement Run, Strategy and Playthrough – Preamble

Ten Thrones Achievement Conditions The “Ten Thrones” Steam achievement is all about painting the map with blood rather than political unity. There must be ten independent kingdoms all ruled by fellow dynastic members. The exact win condition is here: Have your dynasty rule 10 independent Feudal/Iqta/Monastic Feudal Kingdoms or Empires with at least 25 realm […]